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Flux abondant

Bio Feline ™ Abundant Flow Menstrual Panty

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Certifié OEKO-TEX® 100.
Flux abondant. Anti-odeur.
Entre 8h et 12h de protection.
Expédition sous 48 H
Satisfait ou 100% remboursé(e).
Retour ou échange gratuit.

With the Bio Feline menstrual panties™ by Puralya, move freely without thinking about leaks. Plus, its clean, minimalist design lets you wear it underneath any garment.

You will therefore be able to wear dresses, play sports or even put on your favorite clothes while staying dry during your period. The panty adjusts to all body types and thanks to the fine lace that adorns its edges, you will not only have the assurance of having panties to your size, but also increased protection against leaks.

Its underpants shape gives you all the security you want. In addition, it can be used either during your period or to protect you from urinary leakage. You can use it with a menstrual cup, however, this practice remains a safety measure for your comfort.

And since the panties are certified Organic OEKO-TEX, you will have no worries about their compatibility with your skin. It will be able to protect you for 12 hours on average and can be worn day or night.


Available from size 36 to 50.

Available in black color.

Absorbent capacity up to 30 ml of menstrual fluid.

High quality fabric and absorbent part made of bamboo for better efficiency.

OEKO-TEX certification to guarantee your comfort.

Also suitable for urinary discharge and white discharge (leucorrhoea).


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