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Flux abondant

Bio String ™ Menstrual Tanga

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Certifié OEKO-TEX® 100.
Flux abondant. Anti-odeur.
Entre 8h et 12h de protection.
Expédition sous 48 H
Satisfait ou 100% remboursé(e).
Retour ou échange gratuit.

Comfort, safety and efficiency, these are the main characteristics of the Tanga Menstrual Bio String panties. This underwear is stretchy, resistant and comfortable. Enough to allow you to spend all your days and nights dry, without having to resort to disposable hygienic protections.

The Organic Menstrual String Tanga has a protective double layer to keep you active. You will therefore have the opportunity to play sports, go hiking or dance without fear of any leakage. Once properly adjusted to your size, these Purina brand period panties can absorb 20ml of fluid. This corresponds to using two regular tampons.

For best use, you can wear your period panties at the start of your cycle so you know how often you should adopt them. To protect yourself from leaks in the event of urinary incontinence, you can wear your thong to stay dry.

You can wear your period panties for an average of 12 hours. It can also be used during the day or when you sleep at night. In case you have a heavy flow, you can always use a menstrual cup to ensure maximum comfort.


The Organic Menstrual String Tanga is available in black color.

It comes in several sizes, ranging from size 36 to 48.

You get a 20-40% discount depending on the number of panties you want to order.

The panty is made of high quality fabric.

Suitable for heavy flows.


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