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Discover your collection of cheap menstrual panties, available from size 34. All our panties are 100% cotton guaranteed OEKO TEX. No need to break the bank every year with disposable sanitary protection. Our period panties are designed to last approximately 7 years to save you money. Thanks to the 3 levels of absorption, you have a choice according to your flow of abundance from our collection. Thus, you enjoy several hours of serenity with optimal comfort, without risk of leakage. All of our period panties are washable and reusable, guaranteeing you comfort and safety.

No risk of health problem. You are therefore guaranteed to wear period panties without pesticides or chemicals and at a low price. You can walk quietly and always have the feeling of being dry, while avoiding bad smells. If you are looking for the aesthetic side, you will find what you are looking for among our collection of inexpensive period panties. Their design has been designed for all women who want to remain sensual and attractive, despite the menstrual flow. Tanga, lace, soft version ... You are spoiled for choice, for all body types. For your organic menstrual lingerie, then opt for Puralya!

Discover our collection of inexpensive period panties!

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