Stay sexy even during your period thanks to the menstrual tanga!

by Adil Ziani on May 04, 2021

Restez sexy même en période de règles grâce au tanga menstruel ! - Puralya®

Unless they are expecting a baby or have reached menopause, every month women have their period. And already before the advent of the rules we run to look for pads and tampons in order to be prepared. For about a week, the towels have to be changed several times a day. Ok feels uncomfortable and not always in great shape. Yes, that's what being a woman is and it's our daily life.

We can't deny our nature as women, but we can improve our conditions. We can have periods in complete serenity with ecological and sexy protections. During menstruation, many women neglect themselves and no longer dress sexy, their face a little tight and not in the mood. Let's put an end to that now with the menstrual tanga that not only is eco-friendly, but keeps you sexy despite your period.

The menstrual thong to stay sexy even during your period

Thongs are unequivocally sexy period panties. You have already seen them in pictures on other women but have you already tried them? These special underwear are easy to use. You just have to put on your menstrual tanga in the morning and then in the evening simply take it off. After that, rinse with cold water before machine washing. Thongs come in several sizes and can easily adapt whether your period is heavy or not.

Light, discreet and invisible, thongs allow women today to spend relaxed moments during their period. So thanks to evolution, today's menstrual tanga is comfortable and very reliable, it's quite sexy and very reassuring. It adapts to all shapes of women. Regardless of your morphology, the menstrual tanga adapts and easily absorbs the blood. Find all your uniqueness and your sexy side with menstrual thongs.

The very economical menstruation thong

Beyond the sexy side of the tanga, it must be said that this underwear specially designed to go through your period in complete peace of mind is very economical. Today many women struggle to have free hygienic protections or with thongs they can save money. Women use several pads or tampons every day which are not very popular today.

The tanga is made from 100% cotton. At the level of the crotch we can find a beautiful protection in bamboo fiber. The absorbent part is therefore made from bamboo fiber which is anti-bacterial and anti-odor .

This underwear is not only eco-responsible but it saves a lot of money. You wear your menstrual tanga in the morning, you take it off in the evening. You then rinse it with clear water and then we wash it at 30°C. The next day, you can still wear it without fear. A menstrual thong allows you to save between 5 and 15 euros per month depending on your menstrual cycle. Having a sexy, ecological and economical menstrual tanga means fighting for the well-being of our planet and making you happy during your period.

Menstrual thongs with Puralya

Discover a wide range of menstrual thongs with Puralya. Do you want to wear menstrual lingerie at a low price and ethically? Then opt for the tanga from our collection. Like you, we want to protect the earth from the many wastes that pollute it every day. We fight to restore the earth's charm and robust strength. With the tampons used by women every year, that's more than a heck of a lot of waste that isn't recycled. We have therefore chosen to defend this value.

On top of that, menstruation today is still a taboo subject, yes a topic that scares and still arouses controversy. We women want to prove that it is now possible to spend whole hours without being embarrassed. The principle is simple, we need comfort, that's why we decided to offer you our organic menstrual panties, sexy and ethical.

Don't be afraid to stay in panties around your boyfriend, your husband, just because you don't want to make him uncomfortable. You feel like everything is fine and you won't want to let go. This sensation, this comfort, this beauty is obviously all that we bring to you through our products.

For your pleasure and to spend pleasant moments, do not hesitate to trust our team. Want to order a menstrual thong? Then it's time to do it at Puralya. A complete range awaits you and a complete and adapted service is reserved for you.

It is not true that before there was not yet an innovation that made it possible to protect oneself, to protect the earth while remaining sexy during menstruation. Fortunately today you know it. It exists and it's the best thing you can give yourself.