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March 30, 2021

Between sanitary napkins, tampons and cups, the menstrual panties are a real innovation in the menstrual protection market. It is aimed at women who are looking for a more effective and more practical alternative to disposable protections.

Definition of period panties

The menstrual panties is a panty of rules. It is an absorbent protection in the form of a classic underwear. With a three-layer absorption level, it prevents leakage and ensures maximum comfort. It is both reusable and washable. Some consider period panties to be made like a classic undergarment with a built-in towel. In reality, it is more complex than that. A real technological success is associated with this accessory. Its absorbent part is composed of multi-layered fabrics, married to the softness and delicacy of cotton which respects your skin.

This succession of tissues includes a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, a technical membrane trapping the flow and a delicate textile respecting the sensitivity of your private part. Added to this innovation are anti-leak assemblies for safe use. Namely, special models are designed for young virgins and the arrival of the first period. Puralya menstrual panties are certified and their components meet specifications to ensure the quality of their materials.

The main advantages of the period panties

In addition to helping the environment, Puralya period panties also have several other benefits. To begin, they are discreet and comfortable to wear. They don't make any visible creases, although they are a bit thick on the crotch. They are not likely to move, unlike sanitary napkins. This way you don’t have to worry about the very unsightly layer effect.

Plus, you'll almost forget you're on your period, because this protection is easy to slip on like underwear. For people affected by endometriosis, opt for organic and ethical menstrual lingerie is a perfect alternative. Then, they are more hygienic thanks to their composition. Wearing them will prevent you from dealing with toxic and dangerous materials that can attack your private part. This will give you more peace of mind during your period. In addition, you must remember that period panties do not let any unpleasant odor escape. With their anti-bacterial quality, you can tell god to the multiplication of bacteria.

Moreover, if previously the periodical panties were considered formless, today the models are much more polished and feature quality finishes. Your period panties will thus adapt to your body type. They look more aesthetically pleasing than the grandma's underwear you used to wear during your period. Without forgetting their economic side. Indeed, you can keep them for years.

Period panties: some tips for use

To optimize the lifespan of your period panties Puralya, here are some tips to follow.

Your period panties should be hand washed in cold water. But it is also machine washable at a temperature of around 40 degrees. You can use a dryer, but avoid ironing. Regarding the frequency of change. Note that it has an absorption level corresponding to 3 pads. The quantity of your flow thus determines the duration during which it must be kept. Regardless, it is advisable to have at least 3 or 4 period panties to be serene during a menstrual cycle.

The menstrual panties are therefore an excellent alternative to classic periodical protections. They take care of your body, but also the environment. Puralya, then offers you a range of lingerie suitable for all body types, all tastes and all flows. Economical and ecological, our panties are a real revolution that never ceases to make people happy! So what are you waiting for to try it out?

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