Leucorrhea: all you need to know about white discharge

by Adil Ziani on May 04, 2021

Leucorrhées : tout savoir sur les pertes blanches - Puralya®

Have you ever heard of leucorrhea, also called white discharge? You certainly have some that come out at times, but you don't really know much about them. Know that there are two ways to get them: physiologically or infectiously. Today many women do not yet know what it is, their causes, their origins and above all how to treat them.

White discharge: what is it?

White discharge is represented by discharge that appears at the level of the vulva and stains the underwear. These leucorrhea are due to the exaggeration of the normal genital secretion. Also be aware that the losses can be mucous, stringy, frothy, translucent or even white.

When you notice that your discharge is smelly, yellowish, greenish, and that it is accompanied by burning and pain then know that it is time to consult because it will mean that it It is most likely an infection or a gynecological problem. If it is an infection then the doctor must look for the germ that is at the root of the problem and prescribe an adequate treatment.

Causes of normal leucorrhoea

You should know that leucorrhoea is vaginal discharge that is often associated with the secretion of ovulatory mucus. Vaginal discharge is normal and regular secretion. These losses help clean the vagina and protect it against bacteria by helping it to evacuate dead cells, sweat and any germs that may develop.

When estrogen levels are high, the woman's cervix is ​​stimulated and this produces many secretions. Part of these secretions comes from the vagina and this is what causes white discharge in women. Depending on the menstrual cycle, the volume, appearance and thickness of white discharge vary. The white losses often appear 48 hours before there is ovulation but again they are rather fluid. When there is ovulation the discharge becomes thicker and more abundant. Normal white discharge is white, odorless and stains the underside. There are no symptoms caused by this phenomenon.

Sometimes losses don't show up when they're not really abundant. However they can exteriorize and appear on the vulva in the form of a raw egg when the secretion is really important. In this specific case, there is no treatment because these are normal leucorrhoea. Therefore we speak of physiological losses.

Causes of abnormal white discharge

Inflammation of the vagina

Be aware that when the bacterial balance is relevant, there is a change in the vaginal flora. Very often the causes of leucorrhoea are provoked by vaginitis, that is to say a widespread inflammation of the vagina. It is a vaginal infection whose origins can be infectious (sometimes caused by a fungus, a parasite or a bacterium). The origins can also be irritating (for example the organism's intolerance to a chemical product such as soaps, etc. ).

However, we must not rule out the fact that it could come from a microbe that is sexually transmitted (example of chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas. ). It can also be a hormonal change due to pregnancy, hormonal or antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy, etc.

There are also two types of abnormal losses:

  • The strong ones that come from the cervix: these are cervicitis
  • These are discharges from the vagina: these are vaginitis.

Primary cancer

You should know that primary vaginal cancer often occurs when you reach the age of 50 or more. This cancer causes vaginal discharge or bleeding that is often noticed after sexual intercourse. This is a phenomenon that can affect young girls or even young women whose mothers took diethylstilbestrol during pregnancy.

  • To diagnose this, a smear or biopsy is necessary.
  • Treatment requires radiotherapy and surgery.

Secondary cancer

This is a common and noticeable case. It is a distant metastasis of cancer of the uterus, vulva or ovary.

Ensure hygiene

It is very important to ensure the hygiene of the vulva on a daily basis. This hygiene can be carried out with water or by using a mild soap with a neutral or alkaline pH. Be aware, however, that it is not recommended to perform vaginal douches because these have the effect of destroying the vaginal flora while promoting the onset of infections such as vaginal mycosis. It is also important to avoid using washcloths or soap with perfume because it will be too irritating.

White discharge or leucorrhea is present in all women, but there are many who do not really know their origins. In order to take care of your well-being and your hygiene, our brand Puralya offers you a range of ethical and organic menstrual lingerie. Indeed, our period panties are both ecological, economical, respectful of the environment but also of your health.