Choosing your menstrual panties

by elitz 5euros on Mar 30, 2021

Le choix de sa culotte menstruelle - Puralya®

After washable pads and cups, menstrual panties are currently gaining momentum. It is an innovative, liberating and effective product, which challenges even your everyday lingerie. Eco-friendly and comfortable, it is making an impressive entry into today's market and into women's daily routines. Find out what to remember to select the one that suits you best.

Presentation of the menstrual panties

Stay chic and feminine and now possible with the arrival of menstrual panties, also called period panties. Without risk to the planet or your health, they are revolutionary. It is a primitively timid phenomenon that has taken on such dynamism that it is impossible to count the number of models currently existing on the market. A Puralya menstrual panty is a washable lingerie that is used to replace conventional menstrual protection. It looks like everyday panties, except it has an absorbent layer that receives your flow. It is moisture and odorless. It is the perfect alternative to be comfortable during the period of the rules. Depending on your period and your morphology, it has been designed and designed to be put on for up to 12 hours in complete peace of mind. Its objective is to prevent skin irritation and leaks.

Why choose period panties?

As said above, menstrual panties are lingerie that incorporates absorbent protection. Thus, it avoids the use of disposable protections. Opting for Puralya menstrual panties is therefore economical. Do you know how many disposable sanitary napkins you can consume in your lifetime? On average, a woman uses 7,500 pads. However, period panties have a durability of more than 5 years. It is also ideal for health. Indeed, several traditional protections contain toxic materials such as perfumes, chlorine, etc. In contact with the mucous membranes, these substances can harm your health. In addition, washable panties are odorless. In addition, they are particularly ecological unlike other protections which end up in the trash and generate a lot of waste, not to mention toxic products. If you prefer a reusable solution, period panties will be your ally. Other than that, they are extremely practical. Emptying your cup or changing your napkin can seem complicated. Still, having your protection introduced to your underwear is very comfortable. It's also a great option for peace of mind throughout the day.

Menstrual panties: the selection criteria

Choosing your menstrual panties shouldn't be random. There are a few criteria to take into account to make a thoughtful and reasonable selection. Here they are.

First, think about your flow. Only you know it. It is important to compare the available models. If you bleed at night, check if the absorption part is large enough to prevent possible leakage. Next, think about substances. It is advisable to opt for natural materials, especially those of Puralya, especially for the areas that come into contact with your vagina. Simple, because it's healthier for your private part.

Comfort is hard to judge with a photo. Between high waisted and low waisted briefs, the choice is yours. Some models are more enveloping than others for optimal comfort and maximum safety.