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March 30, 2021

Are you looking for an alternative to sanitary napkins and other disposable menstrual protectors? You can currently opt for period panties.

Menstrual panties: simple and effective protection

The Puralya period panty or period panty is an underwear with an absorbent zone that effectively absorbs the menstrual flow. It allows you to replace tampons and sanitary napkins as well as cups. But it can also be used as an additional protection if you have a heavy period. Anyone who is regulated can use it, because there is no contraindication. You just have to choose the suitable model. But it is also recommended for the first periods and the virgin girls to accustom them to opt for healthy and ecological solutions.

Period panties prevent you from leaking, provided, of course, that they are changed when full. Thanks to the innovative technology of Puralya underwear, you no longer need sanitary napkins or any other disposable protective accessories.

The benefits of period panties

There are many reasons why women use period panties. First of all, it's super absorbent and waterproof. By the succession of several thin layers, you have the feeling of being dry all day long. Its design saves you any leaks and unpleasant odors. In addition, it is comfortable and perfectly healthy. Its softness and lightness put you in an optimal state of privacy. This will give you the pleasure of putting on period panties. You will not do without it.

You can trust Puralya to provide you with the best menstrual diaper. The brand provides you with ultra-absorbent, high-quality period underwear. Panties in different shapes, colors and sizes are available. You can easily choose the one that suits you.

You cannot use the tampons and cups for 5 hours at a time. You will provide a breeding ground for infections and germs. This is why Puralya period panties are recommended. They can be reused at will. These feminine underwear are also easy to maintain. After each use, you will only have to rinse them with cold water. Then soak them before washing them by hand or putting them in a machine. Obviously, these panties can seem expensive to buy. But you will win in the long run. In addition to this, you will participate in the fight against pollution.

Menstrual panties: advice on care and use

To take care of your period panties, nothing could be easier. You don't have to be a laundry professional. In fact, washing only requires a simple rinsing with cold water. Then you have to slip the panties into the washing machine with a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees. But you can also wash it by hand with soap. This will allow you to mix your underwear with the rest of your linens. Avoid ironing and tumble drying. Just lay out your panties and let them air dry freely.

Note that the durability of your period panty depends on your flow. If you have normal flow, you will be able to wear the Purayla Periodic Underwear for approximately 12 without risk of odor or leakage. But with abundant flows, we will have to act differently and think about changing it often.

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