What to know about period panties

by elitz 5euros on Mar 30, 2021

Ce qu’il faut savoir sur les culottes menstruelles - Puralya®

Tampons and sanitary napkins are real waste generators. Pollution is about to suffocate our planet. We must therefore act quickly. On average, a woman uses 17,000 sanitary pads throughout her life. Yet these protections take hundreds of years to break down. So what else can we do? Obviously yes. These numbers can be reduced by opting for Puralya period panties.

Menstrual panties: what exactly are they?

More comfortable than classic lingerie and as absorbent as sanitary pads and tampons, Puralya menstrual panties are used during menstruation. It is usually composed of three layers of absorbent substances inserted at the bottom. These are designed to collect blood. Pretty, this type of panty comes in different patterns and colors, with or without lace. Menstrual panties are for all women who want to do without menstrual cups, tampons and sanitary napkins. This is a new, more practical and convenient alternative.

Puralya menstrual panties: an interesting alternative

Menstrual panties are a good alternative for those who don't like tampons and menstrual cups. It is a thinner and more aesthetic protection than traditional sanitary napkins. It may be less annoying. In addition, manufacturers have designed models that are both pretty and trendy for discreet protection. In addition, puralya period panties are known to be very absorbent. This will prevent you from changing them very often, except in the case of considerably abundant periods. In fact, you can wear these periodic panties for an entire day without any risk of discomfort or leakage. In addition, for those who have heavy periods, this menstrual protection is an excellent complement to cups or tampons. Women who are afraid of overflowing can effectively combine it with other types of protection.

Opting for period panties means eco-friendly consumption. Do a little math. How many cups or pads do you usually use during your period? You will quickly realize that period panties, being reusable, reduce your impact on the environment. They are also more economical than all other protections. Of course, they cost more to buy, but this price pays for itself when you know that they are reusable for up to more than 5 years. Their durability depends, of course, on the maintenance you provide them.

Menstrual panties: how do they work?

With a succession of waterproof and absorbent materials, Puralya menstrual panties absorb the flow of menstruation. It is easy to use. Indeed, it slips on easily like any other underwear. It thus ensures safety without feeling damp or leaking. Also, thanks to its antimicrobial material, no odor will be felt.

Menstrual panties can be worn for about 12 hours. But this delay is to be modulated according to your flow. The number of panties to buy will depend on the use you are going to make of them. 1 or 2 is enough if you use it in addition to sanitary pads. However, if this accessory suits you, you can buy 5 or 6 depending on your needs.