Adopt menstrual panties

by elitz 5euros on Mar 30, 2021

Adopter la culotte menstruelle - Puralya®

We talk about menstrual panties more and more. They have a good reputation for effectively replacing tampons and sanitary napkins which are bad for your health and the planet. We tell you everything about the advantages of these periodic protection accessories.

Reasons to choose period panties

The Puralya period panty is an undergarment for women. It has the particularity of absorbing your menstrual blood with an absorbent material integrated directly into the panties. In addition to being effective, it is specifically designed to prevent leaks, damp sensations and unpleasant odors. You will thus be effectively protected throughout the day. It is also easy to wash. This will allow you to reuse it every time you have your period for years. In addition, many women do not appreciate the discomfort caused by disposable pads. Moreover, period panties are safe and discreet. They will protect your privacy and your body. They are also easy to use.

Menstrual panties and endometriosis

Unfortunately, when you have endometriosis, you have to be vigilant about your periodic protection. Because of the injuries caused by the disease, using a menstrual cup or tampon can be inconvenient and sometimes even painful. They are therefore to be avoided. If you are affected by this disease, it is then recommended that you orient yourself towards comfortable and ideal protection for your health. Say goodbye to disposable sanitary napkins and opt for the organic option.

Healthy, practical, ecological and effective protection, Puralya menstrual panties are the perfect solution. Easy to wear, it allows you to avoid the additional suffering caused by other protective accessories. Made with organic products, it is safe for health and does not risk exposing you to the problems of toxic shock. As you certainly know, single-use protections represent a big budget, especially if you have a lot of blood. And when you have endometriosis, the menstrual period can last up to 7 days. It is for this reason that the menstrual panties appear to be the good option to save. Reusable, it is durable for more than 5 years.

When you have periods that are both heavy and painful, you need maximum comfort. Luckily, the Puralya menstrual panties are here to support you. Made with soft materials, it is comfortable to wear. But its biggest advantage is its ability to absorb your flow. It will keep you dry for hours even with bleeding periods. Something to delight you!

Choosing the right period panties

If you're new to period panties, you'll find that your biggest concern is leakage. You want to be sure that you will not feel any discomfort by using period panties rather than your usual protective accessory. To avoid possible leaks, choose a model of underwear adapted to your morphology. The crotch should be both narrow and thick. Finally, take into account the materials with which the panties are made. It is better to choose natural substances that are not harmful to your intimate space. You will be satisfied.